Frequently asked questions

To help you take the first step towards a correct purchase decision, we invite you to take a look at the basic information and find answers to your first questions. This will simplify everything else because you will be able to shape your first desires which you will then upgrade in a personal meeting with our sales representatives. Alternatively, you can write us at faq(at)

What procedure do I have to follow in order to get an offer? Where do I start?

After a telephone interview or via e-mail, you have established your first contact with our company.

To obtain a quote, you will take approximate measurements of the openings in your building (measure the opening from one wall to another).

You can communicate us the measurements by phone, e-mail, online form (request a quote), or you can personally come to a MIK showroom.

You will receive the first informative offer, which will not be binding for you.

After receiving the offer, please call us or we will contact you.

If you are interested in our product offer, the selected sales representative will arrange a meeting with a measurement specialist who will perform exact measurements.

How much time will pass, on average, from the offer and order confirmation until execution?

The lead time depends on the complexity of the task and on the quantities ordered. Manufacturing pieces from the MIK standard builders’ joinery program (professional white color – white color, PVC) lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. The deadline for pieces from the non-standard program will be agreed with you based on your needs and our capacities. Since we try to satisfy your needs and wishes, we will make sure to adapt to them to the highest possible extent.

Which window systems are sold most often at MIK?

The MIK window system which is sold most often is our Royal Line.

Where are your showrooms located?

You can find the locations of our branch offices here.

When can I visit your headquarters or one of your business units?

The working hours of our branch offices can be found here.

Do I have to prepare any particular details for the measurement specialist?

If your building is new, we will need a meter mark and plans of individual floors. If you’re renovating a building, we don’t need anything else since technical details can be seen in the building itself.

Do I have to be there when you are installing windows into a new building?

Your presence is not mandatory but it is desirable.

How much time do I have to file a complaint?

You can find our warranty periods here.

What are spacers?

A glass pane spacer is a profile which separates the panes and is located at the edges of a heat insulating glass panel. Its primary function is to maintain a uniform distance between the glass surfaces, prevent any build up of gas from the space between two glass panes, and improve energy efficiency.

Do you also offer wooden windows?

In our builders’ joinery offer, you will find wooden and also wood/ALU windows.

We chose wooden windows since they breathe, right?

Wooden windows do not breathe: modern production technology and high-quality protection with thick environmentally-friendly coatings guarantee the longevity and stability of wooden windows, which close the surface of the wood in question.

You only have plastic windows, right?

In our offer, you can choose between PVC, ALU, wood/ALU and wooden windows.

Is it true that the RAL installation process is of a higher quality?

MIK RAL installation is an energy-efficient installation process which guarantees a reduction of heat losses due to its specific nature. The MIK RAL installation process prevents water from coming in contact with the wall, thus also preventing the creation of condensate which damages the insulation properties of windows.

Why should I opt for triple glazing if double glazing is just as good?

Glass is a window element which has the greatest impact on the thermal and acoustic insulation of the window, since it represents at least 70% of the overall surface of the window. A suitable window glazing solution provides additional acoustic and thermal insulation and also protects you from light.

The thermal and acoustic insulation of a window is influenced by several factors, but the number of glass panes is certainly the most important one, as it has the greatest impact on the thermal conductivity of glass.

Can I opt for double glazing or can I only choose triple glazing?

Here at MIK Celje, you can choose between double and triple glazing. However, in order to provide better acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as to guarantee long-term savings, we recommend triple glazing.

Why will the new windows be smaller than the existing windows?

When changing windows during a renovation project, the window reveal gets damaged during the dismantling of old builders’ joinery and must be repaired before installing new windows. It is also necessary to leave some room for the installation of polyurethane foam, which ultimately amounts to about 10cm. You must also be aware that new windows will be of a better quality, which is why they will also be broader and will therefore require some more additional space.

Can you prepare a quote for standard dimensions of windows and doors?

Each offer is tailor-made according to the dimensions of your building.

Do you use foil to paint PVC windows?

MIK PVC windows in different color variations are characterized by the possibility of using acrylic color coating which will extend the service life of your windows while maintaining their glossy color which will complement the design of your home.

Said acrylic color coating is damage-resistant. Furthermore, it will also prolong the shiny properties of your paint, which will not peel off unlike color foil or colored windows offered by other manufacturers.

The stability and shiny colors provided by the acrylic coating are due to a special “co-extrusion” process in which acrylic coating molecules unite with the molecules of the base PVC material.

Why can’t I only pay for installation and not also for delivery?

The purchase of our windows also includes delivery since we cannot install them if we do not deliver them first.

Why do we need ventilation if we can open our windows ourselves?

MIKrovent® will constantly deliver fresh air into your home with a 100% air exchange when the windows are closed, while also maintaining 95% of the heat during ventilation of your home. In the winter, your home will not cool down despite ventilation, while it will not heat up in the summer. This allows the user to achieve higher energy savings when heating or cooling their premises.