Enjoy the nature surrounding your home year-round, and move your living room, working space or dining room onto your lawn: this certainly sounds like an appealing idea, and if you decide to set up a conservatory, it can also become your reality. Setting up a conservatory can significantly enhance your living situation while also increasing your living surface. This architecturally attractive solution will also aesthetically complement the appearance of your house.

The history of conservatories is derived from greenhouses in which plant lovers were able to grow exotic plants in their homes, thus creating their own private botanical gardens. In time, conservatories began to take on a social purpose, initially with the addition of garden furniture which was intended for afternoon naps and receiving guests. Later, their role expanded further. By placing living rooms and dining rooms in conservatories or by extending existing living rooms to a conservatory, this solution has become a constant in modern architecture, which allows for bright living spaces and large panoramic glazing, as well as for the fusion of the house with its surroundings.

Advantages of MIK conservatories

How to go about an investment in your conservatory?

Proper planning is key

3D-visualization of your conservatory

Created conservatory

A properly designed and constructed conservatory will connect your living quarters to nature and will definitely add a new dimension to your style of living. If you want to make the most of the benefits offered by a conservatory, it is best to include its planning in the house-building project. But the fact is that most people only opt for a conservatory at a later point, after a few years of living in a new home, when they feel the need to increase their living space for socializing and daily relaxation.

If you plan a conservatory at the time of building your house, you do not need a special construction permit. If you subsequently add a conservatory to an existing building, however, you will only need a building permit for a conservatory of over 30m2. If the installation of a conservatory will interfere with the basic structure of the house instead of merely joining the conservatory to an existing building, you will also need to obtain a building permit.

Our consultants will propose and create the most suitable solution which will suit you and comply with all existing standards, while improving the quality of your living, regardless of the limitations and requirements. To further simplify your decision, we can prepare a 3D visualization of the final image of your home with a conservatory based on a photo of your home.

It all starts with setting up the appropriate position.

Before you decide to build a conservatory and obtain quotes from different contractors, it is a good idea to specify the purpose for which your conservatory will be used, and to imagine the side of the house that you would like to build it on. A conservatory should be connected to the areas where you spend most of your time during the day. In order to provide for maximum capacity utilization of your conservatory, it is recommended to connect it to living quarters rather than bedrooms.

Regardless of whether the conservatory is already included in the plans for building a new house or if you plan to upgrade existing living quarters with constructing a conservatory, the position of the sun and the associated overheating of large glass surfaces make setting up the right conservatory position an essential task.

The best location for the conservatory to be pleasantly imbued with natural light is the south-east or south-west side of the house, while the northern side is too shady and the southern side is unsuitable due to the strong summer sun. Nevertheless, with the right choice of shading, quality ventilation and air conditioning, you can also build a conservatory on the southern side.

The right location of a conservatory is also a good investment, especially in terms of energy consumption. You can use it for passive solar energy collection. For such purpose, the conservatory should be located in a way that allows it to benefit from at least 6 hours of sun every day, and from the absence of shade which can be caused by trees or adjacent buildings.

Good foundations and materials are important for a high-quality living situation.

A conservatory usually consists of glass walls and a roof, while the supporting structure can be made of PVC, ALU or wooden profiles. The most common and price-optimized versions are made of PVC profiles, while ALU profiles offer extraordinary static properties of larger panoramic glazing solutions. When planning a conservatory, it is important to leave the process in the hands of experts who will check and ensure the proper load capacity of the foundations and will prepare the base surface of your conservatory. The base surface will namely protect your conservatory from excess moisture.

Good foundations are crucial for a stable and safe stay in your conservatory. Energy efficiency and the sustainability of your conservatory are also important; they depend on the correct preparation of the joints connecting the conservatory and the facade of the house. Our MIK Celje expert consultant specializing in the installation of conservatories points out the following consideration: “Only the correct and thoughtful preparation of all details will prevent the creation of thermal bridges which can otherwise drastically increase the heat transfer, accompanied by unwanted condensation on glass surfaces.”

Energy efficient conservatories

Overheating issues in the summer and excessive cooling in the winter, as well as condensation, which are often stated as disadvantages of conservatories by uninformed laymen, can only be a consequence of a poor, unprofessional construction of your conservatory. Modern technologies and materials used for the design and construction of conservatories have made such progress over the last decade that they now enable the energy-efficient construction of conservatories, which experts also recommend as an additional source of heat energy used to heat indoor spaces during transitional periods.

Damjan Mak from MIK Celje guarantees: “By correctly installing and selecting suitable glazing, shading and ventilation systems, the cost of heating your home can be reduced by up to 30%.” It is important to prevent the heating of glass surfaces, so it is necessary to install high-quality heat-insulating triple glazing and effective blinds. Effective shade in the conservatory will be ensured through external Venetian blinds, and if you opt for a glass roof, it is also recommended to provide shade through roof awnings which can reflect up to 95 percent of solar energy, thus effectively preventing your conservatory to overheat.

Wall glazing

We use high-quality composite heat-insulating glass panes for glazing the walls of MIK conservatories:

· Ug = up to 0.9W/m²K (with suitable glazing)
· g = 58%
· LT = 76%

Roof glazing

For glazing the roof portion of our conservatories, we use multi-layer laminated safety glass with a tempered upper portion which provides additional security and additional thermal insulation:

· Composition: 8 ESG/16/4 + 4 VSG
· Ug = 1.1W/m²K
· g = 58%
· LT = 76%

Conservatory models

Choosing and defining the shape of your conservatory requires a very special approach, as each conservatory is unique and must be perfectly adapted to your home and your living habits. The conservatory can therefore be an extension of your living space or a detached unit, separated from the rest of your home.

High-quality PVC and ALU profiles used for glazing conservatories allow us to fully adapt to the architectural design of your house and to your wishes, and also allow us to benefit from a wide range of possible wall openings in conservatories.

Single-pitched roof

Single-pitched roof

Double-pitched roof

Triple-pitched roof

Triple-pitched roof

Triple-pitched roof

Angled model

Made-to-order models

Other information

Colors and decor

PVC conservatories are available in 12 high-quality and highly resistant acrylic paint variations, including the exclusive silver RAL 9007 color.  Powder-colored aluminum profiles according to the RAL color scale also guarantees extremely impervious surface. In addition, you can also opt for an anodized aluminum conservatory.

Standard shades

RAL 9007

RAL 7016

RAL 8014

DB 703

DB 703

Non-standard shades

RAL 3011

RAL 6009

RAL 7015

RAL 7039

RAL 7040

RAL 8022

RAL 9006

RAL 9010

Standard decor

Oreh - Leseni dekor - MIK Celje


Oreh - Leseni dekor - MIK Celje


Mahagoni - Leseni dekor - MIK Celje

Golden oak

Deco RAL 7016

Deco RAL 7016

Anodized models (ALU systems)



Types of openings

Fixed walls

Swing opening

Sliding walls

Accordion doors

Safety and fittings

The use of high quality materials, precise production without any possibility for quality deviation, and high quality security fittings (mushroom system) ensure that MIK windows, already encompassing basic security equipment, provide top notch protection from damages and burglary.

When glazing larger openings in easily accessible and not as well protected places, we recommend that increased security class fittings and safety glass be integrated in your windows. MIK window systems can be upgraded for better protection from damages and burglary to the safest RC2 security class.

Different window security levels

The number of striker plates depends on the window size.

Basic - BAS

Stopnje protivlomne odpornosti - Osnova OSN - MIK Celje

Basic closing element

Resistance class 1 - RC 1

Stopnje protivlomne odpornosti - 1 stopnja RC1 - MIK Celje
Okovje - Varnostni zapirni element - MIK Celje

Safety closing element

Resistance class 2 - RC 2

Stopnje protivlomne odpornosti - 1 stopnja RC2 - MIK Celje
Okovje - Premium varnostni sistem - MIK Celje
Premium safety closing system

RC Resistance class = WK Widerstandstandsklasse


Conservatory installation process:

  1. Layout of the supporting substructure (the construction can be made of different materials such as wood, steel, aluminum)
  2. Installation of the conservatory (the walls form the perimeter of the conservatory and are used to install individual elements which allow us to implement different methods for opening your conservatory)
  3. Conservatory roof and wall glazing
  4. Installation of gutters and snow guards, finishing with aluminum plates, application of silicon sealants
  5. Cleaning the profiles and glass surfaces of your conservatory

In conservatories, shading is recommended through the use of external blinds which will further strengthen the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home. External blinds prevent the heating of glass surfaces, which contributes to a more pleasant living climate in the conservatory. For shading the roof of your conservatory, we recommend roof awnings which can reflect up to 95% of the solar energy and are available in a wide range of colors.

Conservatory shading

  • Wall blinds, photos with captions (external Venetian blinds, internal Venetian blinds, roller shutters, roller blinds, brise soleil blinds)
  • Roof blinds, photos with captions (awning, roller blind)


Internal Venetian blinds

External Venetian blinds

Roller blinds

Pleated blinds

Front-mounted roller shutters


A properly ventilated and shaded conservatory does not require air conditioning. It is important to prevent the heating of glass, so it is necessary to choose high-performance thermal insulating glass and high-quality external blinds that best prevent the penetration of heat into the room.
Depending on the size of the conservatory itself and the number of people who will be in the room most often, choose the appropriate method of natural or artificial ventilation.

MIKrovent® innovative and economic

A properly ventilated and shaded conservatory does not require air conditioning. It is important to prevent the heating of glass, so it is necessary to choose high-performance thermal insulating glass and high-quality external blinds that best prevent the penetration of heat into the room.
Depending on the size of the conservatory itself and the number of people who will be in the room most often, choose the appropriate method of natural or artificial ventilation.

Renson ventilation system

The Renson ventilation system consists of vents installed in the lower part of the conservatory where the air is the coldest, and of turbines which extract outgoing hot air and are mounted on the highest part of the roof structure.

The system allows air exchange in the amount of 300 to 715m3 of air per hour and can be operated manually or automatically. The number of vents and turbines required for the optimal ventilation of the conservatory depends on the size and location of the conservatory.

The team came a few minutes before the agreed time and carried out its work quickly and correctly. After they left, the work site was clean and tidy. We only had to wipe away the dust. Very commendable work.

Pirc G.

From the moment that I sent my inquiry until the final execution, my experience with MIK was excellent right until the end.
This was a wonderful team. If and when I deal with MIK again, I would like to see the same team of installers.

Doris G.

Everything went as I expected, so I am now recommending MIK products to all my friends who are thinking about renovating their homes.

Tine L.


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