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Quality management and environmental policy

MIK Celje’s core business and manufacturing operations focus on the manufacture and installation of PVC, ALU, wooden and wood/ALU window and front door systems, the development, design and implementation of comprehensive solutions for the modernization of buildings and the installation of glazing systems in new buildings, the design and implementation of ventilated facades, the construction of fire-resistant safety doors, and the installation of garage and industrial doors.  An important part of our business is also the development and production of MIKrovent local ventilation systems. MIK Celje is also the largest Slovenian distributor of slats and picture framing materials, as well as an active investor, manager, and real-estate seller.

MIK d.o.o. and its affiliated subsidiaries employ up to 180 staff members, who are joined by 100 external contractors. Based on the number of employees, we are a medium-sized private company; based on the dedication, knowledge and quality of our employees, we belong to the very top of Slovenian builders’ joinery manufacturers.

Based on the knowledge of our top-class engineers and designers, our own development and production, we have created cutting-edge solutions for the modernization of buildings and the installation of glazing systems in new buildings that enable high energy savings and meet the highest safety standards. MIK builders’ joinery and the MIKrovent local ventilation system, which allows for a constant flow of fresh and purified air to living rooms with minimal energy losses, are developed according to our central principle of operation: “Improving the quality of living”.

We are committed to respecting the highest standards of our business and ethical operations. We realize our commitments through an integrated quality management system and environmental policy which are integral parts of a single management system of MIK d.o.o.

We respect tradition and trust in our values, while modern technology and our own knowledge enable us to develop innovative products and solutions that improve the quality of living, as well as the quality of life, and set new standards in the field of glazing.

Our strategic objectives are related to ensuring high quality and the use of nature-friendly products for our customers, as we are constantly striving for a responsible attitude towards quality and the environment to be integrated into all of our activities throughout the product life cycle; furthermore, we also integrate it into all MIK d.o.o. business systems.

Our vision and strategic goals

To become the leading manufacturer and provider of solutions in the field of investment, energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics for the modernization of buildings and installation of glazing systems in new buildings in SE Europe.

This means that we are taking the path that will lead us to the position of the leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient PVC, ALU, wood and wood/ALU builders’ joinery and comprehensive solutions for glazing people-friendly spaces in this part of Europe, and of the leading manufacturer and trend-setter in the field of local ventilation systems.

We want to become one of the 10 most reputable and socially responsible companies in Slovenia.

Core values or MIK spirit:

Our values guide us throughout our everyday life; they are our foundations and the guiding force behind our principles. The values of the MIK spirit are the beliefs that shape us, support us, and guide us through our work in order to be the best versions of ourselves.

Through our MIK spirit, employees try to embody the values that enable us to perform our job in a high-quality manner, eliminate unnecessary work processes and encourage genuine solidarity between colleagues, as well as promoting creativity, innovation, accuracy and efficiency.

The 5 pillars of the MIK spirit:

  1. Fairness, honesty and justness.
  2. Respecting and caring for colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  3. Spirit of partnership, professionalism and expertise.
  4. Promoting the creative contributions of each individual colleague.
  5. Taking care for self-improvement, transferring our knowledge and our experiences to colleagues.


We change our customers’ perspective on life and improve the quality of their living, as well as their lifestyles, with:

  • good window systems solutions that improve the quality of living in terms of: energy economy, aesthetics, safety, well-being, noise protection and simplicity of maintenance;
  • excellent local MIKrovent ventilation system, which is the result of our own knowledge, development and production, with invincible recuperation results in terms of preserving the heat of interior spaces;
  • frames that breathe life into the painting and into the space;
  • investments in real estate offering a higher level of housing quality;
  • socially responsible engagement that directly and indirectly improves life in the environment in which we have been creating and operating for 30 years.

Our quality assurances

The MIK VISION is to become the leading manufacturer and a comprehensive provider of IE2 solutions (in the field of investment, energy efficiency and aesthetics) for the modernization of buildings and the installation of glazing systems in new buildings in SE Europe. With high-quality products, we constantly meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in order to increase their satisfaction and the applicable requirements that we have agreed upon.

Recognized suppliers

Here at MIK, we only cooperate with the best suppliers and manufacturers of basic and additional assortment in their respective fields.

Computer-controlled manufacturing line

The accuracy of the creation of each joint and product is completely identical (the 1st and the 10,000th product are identical).

Short delivery times

Here at MIK, we listen to our customers’ wishes and respect their requirements, even when it comes to delivery times.

High-quality consulting, manufacturing and repair services

Our specialized experts will  make sure that the installation preparation will be performed without a hitch.

Energy performance certificate

MIK windows enable you to benefit from the most economical energy performance class (A) and provide up to 30% energy savings for heating or cooling.

Ecological aspects of our products

All products and materials used in the procurement, manufacturing and installation process are environmentally friendly.

Environmental management

We are committed to protecting the environment, to complying with our compliance obligations, and to preventing pollution, since we are constantly striving to increase energy efficiency by monitoring specific energy consumption (electricity, gas, fuel) and increasing material efficiency (waste management, consumption of raw materials), as well as other social impacts (impact on suppliers, etc.)

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our integrated quality and environmental management system  with the purpose of increasing the effect  of the MIK d.o.o. management system.

Franc Pliberšek, u.d.i.a.
8 August 2019

About the company > Quality management and environmental policy