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Here at MIK Celje, we constantly follow our direction towards a socially responsible behavior. In the development and manufacturing of our products, we strive to improve the quality of living while creating healthy living spaces. We are committed to educating our existing and potential customers, and giving back to the environment in which we create through sponsorship and humanitarian activities.

MIK’s mission is to

improve the quality of living while creating healthy living spaces

Advisory guide: How can you improve your quality of living?

Kako izboljšati kakovost vašega bivanja - vodnik - MIK Celje

In recent years, our visionary and socially responsible CEO Franci Pliberšek has directed MIK towards informing the general public about the influence of “diseased” buildings which are a consequence of the use of highly insulating construction materials that turn our living quarters into hermetically closed spaces full of harmful and noxious air. MIK first issued a professional, non-technical manual with the title “How can you improve your quality of living?” which guides the reader through builders’ joinery investments while warning them of issues that they should pay particular attention to when renovating or building their home.

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The AIRless ERA international web advertising campaign

In the past year, the manual was followed by an international web campaign AIRless ERA which warns consumers of the traps of modern living while offering efficient and healthy solutions. The development of MIKrovent is one of the most advanced among local ventilation devices. It is distinguished by excellent recuperation, which keeps the internal room temperature up to 95% despite constant ventilation, sensors for radon, an extremely harmful gas, as well as VOC and CO2, and high-quality filters which also purify air.

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MIKaven Lajf, our biannual printed and digital lifestyle magazine

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MIK also educates its existing and future customers by preparing high-quality content for them in its biannual lifestyle magazine “MIKaven Lajf” in which it addresses themes related to the modern way of living. The magazine is published in 10,000 copies in Slovenian language and is available in all MIK Celje showrooms throughout Slovenia, on more than 400 public locations in Slovenia, such as coffee shops, libraries, waiting rooms and garages, and online at www.mikavenlajf.si.

Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle, are interested in design and architecture, or want to improve your health with a healthy ventilation system: you will find all that and more, including modern and practical tips, trends and interviews, in the digital version of MIKaven Lajf.

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MIK’s mission is to

work with social responsibility in mind and to give back to the environment


For more than 20 years, MIK has been a proud sponsor of the Celje Handball Club, the European Champion and multiple national and cup champion, as well as the third-ranked handball club in the SEHA League in the 2017/18 season.

Ever since 2000, MIK has also been supporting Slovenian club sports and is one of the largest proud sponsors of the Celje Handball Club, which is a multiple national champion, the European Champion of 2003/2004 and the third-ranked club in the SEHA league in the 2017/18 season. The Celje Pivovarna Laško Handball Club.

Our sponsorship of the club also gave birth to an extremely successful promotional campaign starring the then-captain of the club Eduard Koksharov and his legendary slogan “These windows I will have too”. One decade later, Eduard was replaced by the best Slovenian hockey player of all time, Anže Kopitar, who became the new face of the MIK brand in the “Invincible” campaign.


MIK art galleries in our showrooms in Ljubljana, Celje and Vojnik have hosted over 145 exhibitions of renowned Slovenian and foreign artists. In line with our social responsibility and our focus on giving opportunities, MIK galleries have also enabled many young artists to give their first independent exhibitions, thus encouraging them on their creative journeys.


For more than 15 years, MIK Celje has been enabling at least 100 children from socially less advantaged families to take a trip to the seaside. On the 25th anniversary, we managed to take 200 children to the seaside, while the 30th anniversary saw 300 children enjoying a holiday at the seaside. The project “MIK-ova karavana otroškega smeha” is a project which means an awful lot to all employees at MIK Celje, and makes our work even more meaningful. Enabling children to take a holiday at the seaside, knowing that many of them will see the sea for the first time in their life, is a priceless experience.

Giving back to the environment, especially to its youngest members, thus brightening and enriching their childhood, is a strong motivation for our employees and for managers of MIK Celje. Every year, a certain part of the assets collected through the sale of our builders’ joinery is dedicated to the “MIK-ova karavana otroškega smeha” fund which is additionally filled with the now traditional charity cycling tour across Slovenia called “S srcem na kolo”.

“MIK-ova karavana otroškega smeha” is not only a donation to one of the humanitarian organizations in Slovenia but a completely independent and socially responsible project of MIK Celje. All children are carefully selected in cooperation with the advisory services of Slovenian primary schools. They suggest exemplary students who contribute to the results of their school and the atmosphere within it, but whose social situation unfortunately does not allow their parents to send them to spend holidays at the seaside. A team of 11 MIK educators takes care of all 100 children for a full week, performing a comprehensive holiday program which includes trips, sports and creative activities and fun gatherings.

“S srcem na kolo” is a project which connects MIK employees, our business partners and our friends. Every year in May, we cycle across Slovenia, covering more than 600 kilometers between Murska Sobota and Izola, and use this project to raise awareness among the public and other Slovenian companies of the importance of socially responsible operation and care for the socially less advantaged members of our society, as well as of the importance of the safety of cyclists on the road, and of the meaning of recreational sports activities for a healthy lifestyle of individuals and the society as a whole. The purpose of this project is to add donations to the “MIK-ova karavana otroškega smeha” which enables us to provide holidays for 100 children who deserve it due to their hard work and excellent results, but whose parents cannot afford to pay for said holidays due to various social issues.

About the company > We are responsible for the environment in which we create