The manufacturing process begins in the work preparation department where our experts prepare the manufacturing process order based on the data provided by the measurement specialist. The path from the received to the manufactured order, passing through the execution of measurements and the preparation of technical data, takes place according to a closely monitored electronic process which enables us, among other things, to immediately eliminate any potential human errors and, of course, guarantee short delivery times.

The assembly line is equipped with energy-saving production machinery which is completely computer-guided and computer-controlled, as well as optimized in terms of the use of material and operating energy.

The entire manufacturing process of MIK PVC and ALU builders’ joinery is controlled by an EAN code, which guarantees equal accuracy of the preparation of each joint (the 1st and the 10,000th product are identical), as well as traceability of each individual product in any of the manufacturing stages. When manufacturing our products, we only use environmentally friendly materials (water-based paints and varnishes), and we collect all waste created during the manufacturing process separately in order to recycle it.

All finished products and reproduction materials are stored in covered storage areas. Our own computer-supported procurement and warehousing system, as well as precise purchasing and shipping logistics processes enable us quick and simple takeover of materials and handover of finished products which, among other things, reduces the possibility of damaging finished products while also ensuring timely and accurate installation.

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Warehouse for finished products