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Mission, vision and values

MIK’s mission

We change our customers’ perspective on life and improve the quality of their living, as well as their lifestyles, with:

  • good window systems solutions that improve the quality of living in terms of: energy economy, aesthetics, safety, well-being, noise protection and simplicity of maintenance;
  • excellent local MIKrovent ventilation system, which is the result of our own knowledge, development and production, with invincible recuperation results in terms of preserving the heat of interior spaces;
  • frames that breathe life into the painting and into the space;
  • investments in real estate offering a higher level of housing quality;
  • socially responsible engagement that directly and indirectly improves life in the environment in which we have been creating and operating for 30 years.

MIK’s vision

To become the leading manufacturer and provider of solutions in the field of investment, energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics for the modernization of buildings and installation of glazing systems in new buildings in SE Europe.
This means that we are taking the path that will lead us to the position of the leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient PVC, ALU, wood and wood/ALU builders’ joinery and comprehensive solutions for glazing people-friendly spaces in this part of Europe, and of the leading manufacturer and trend-setter in the field of local ventilation systems.

MIK’s values

  • Contribute to raising the quality of living of individuals, the society as a whole and the environment in which we operate.
  • Meet the technical and housing needs of our customers.
  • Provide professional support and advice to our customers.
  • Continuously invest in development and expertise.
  • Provide top-quality, high-tech and energy-efficient builders’ joinery and local ventilation solutions.
  • Act in a positive, socially responsible manner in order to contribute to the improvement of life in the environment in which we operate.
About the company > Mission, vision and values