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Where can I order MIK builders’ joinery?

It is extremely simple to purchase MIK builders’ joinery since a team of MIK experts will be happy to help you throughout the process, from selecting the elements to installing them. You can contact them:


Which windows to choose if you wish your home to be cozy, yet energy-saving? 

The costs of heating and cooling your home depend on the quality of its insulation. High-quality windows will not achieve the right effect if other parts of the house are sources of significant heat loss. Seek the help of an expert who will advise you on which windows to choose and how, and  how to select suitable blinds so that your home will be pleasantly cool in the summer and suitably warm during winter.

MIK standard builders’ joinery program

The MIK standard builders’ joinery program contains doors and windows of regular shape, made of materials which are usually in stock (white profiles, acryl color RAL 9007, etc.).

MIK non-standard builders’ joinery program

The MIK non-standard builders’ joinery program contains doors and windows of irregular shape, made of materials which are usually not in stock.

Meter mark

A meter mark is a precisely defined and drawn final height of paving material in a space, which is at a height of 1m from the made-up paving.

Information measurements

How to execute information measurements? Using a measuring tape, measure the window opening. We recommend that you consider the external measurement between two walls (window reveal), which is usually expressed as width × height.

How can I place my order?

  1. Call us or visit our nearest showroom and set up a time slot for our consultant to visit you. They will come and see your building, make a note of the dimensions of the openings and discuss your wishes in terms of glazing.
    • If you are changing windows on an older house, our experts will measure the approximate dimensions of the openings you wish to glaze.
    • If you are selecting windows to fit into a new building, you will need a meter mark as well as floor plans. Based on prepared measurements or plans, we will prepare an information offer which will not be binding for you.
  2. A few days after receiving the offer, you will be contacted by our consultant who will help you set up a time slot for the visit of a measurement specialist who will prepare exact measurements and advise you on more complex glazing solutions. What follows is the price coordination process and the preparation of a final offer according to final measurements and any other additional details that you will be able to agree on during the measurement process with the assistance of the measurement specialist.
  3. After you confirm the order and pay the advance payment agreed upon in the MIK general terms and conditions your order will be handled by the MIK technical manufacturing department which will add a traceability code to your order. The code will allow us to know the client and the specific details of the order throughout the manufacturing process.
  4. We will agree on the exact date of installation   of your builders’ joinery. The lead time depends on the complexity of the task and on the quantities ordered. The manufacturing time for pieces from the MIK standard builders’ joinery program is from 3 to 4 weeks. The deadline for pieces from the non-standard program will be agreed with you based on your needs and our capacities. Since we try to satisfy your needs and wishes, we will make sure to  adapt to them to the highest possible extent.
  5. On the agreed installation date, the MIK team will deliver the builders’ joinery that you have ordered, and install it as soon as possible. The duration of the installation depends on the size and complexity of the task. The installation quality also depends on the installation method; at MIK, we offer five installation methods. We recommend the ecological MIK RAL installation method which guarantees a high-quality installation and exceptional sealing properties.

MIK experts will consider your wishes and will be able to provide suitable advice for your decisions using their expert knowledge.


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