Everything that painting framers could possibly need

Wholesale of picture framing materials is the first and the oldest MIK activity. In our wide range of products, you can find everything you need for professional or amateur picture framing activities. 

  • slats, 
  • finished frames, 
  • machines of various capacities and purposes
  • reproduction material.

“Order today and receive your order tomorrow!”

For our customers, delivery is provided free of charge and is based on our annual distribution plan.

Delivery is provided free of charge if the following conditions apply:

  • materials are in stock,
  • the delivery order is submitted before 12 noon, and
  • the delivery location is in Slovenia.

Outside of our planned distribution time slots, we will send your order through a delivery courier.


    Strinjam se s splošnimi pogoji. *

    * Obvezna polja

    Ordering and picking up your framing materials

    Materials can be ordered or picked up upon agreement in our branch office or from our partners.

    Working hours:

    Monday to Thursday: 8am to 3pm
    Friday: 8am to 2pm
    Saturday, Sunday, holidays: closed.

    Katja NOVAČAN

    Sales Consultant 
    e: katja.novacan(at)
    t: +386 (0)3 428 28 56
    m: +386 (0)31 801 465

    Bine ROJNIK

    Sales Consultant 
    e: bine.rojnik(at)
    t: +386 (0)3 428 28 70
    m: +386 (0)31 773 533

    Annual distribution plan

    We reserve the right to change our calendar and the time slots for delivery according to the market situation.

    PDF catalog

    Leafing through the catalog

    If you have an advanced web browser, you can open and view the catalog by clicking on it, or save it to your computer. Right click to select the connection and a contextual menu will open. Select the option Save connection as… and save the PDF catalog in your document folder.

    Chapters of the PDF catalog


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    Black & White

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    Gold & Silver

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    Finished frames

    pages 123–127

    Passepartout, cardboard

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    pages 137–149

    Product codes

    pages 150–153

    About us

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