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Reproduction material

Paper passepartout

Our rich sales assortment contains passepartouts in 80 different colors, with a dimension of 80 × 120 cm, and thickness of 1.3 mm. They consist of a beige core and the upper color layer and do not contain acidic substances, which is very important for keeping the original color of the painting or the photo.


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    Lamination foam

    Lamination foam is intended for dry lamination of photographs, posters, artwork etc. We have a stock of foam with dimensions 100 × 150 cm in two different thicknesses, 5 and 10 mm. The foam consists of two layers of paper and a core made of polystyrene.

    We offer three models of foam:

    • without film,
    • with one-sided adhesive film,
    • with double-sided adhesive film.

    Lamination foam also contains no acids, which is why the glued object retains its original color.

    Kaširna pena
    Kaširna pena

    Waxed cardboard

    The back of the cardboard is designed to seal the picture from the back. Our sales offer contains multi-layer waxed cardboard in the thickness of 5 mm and in the dimensions of 100 × 140 cm.

    Troslojna povoščena lepenka
    Troslojna povoščena lepenka


    Ready-fix is mainly designed for fixing posters and photographs to a flat surface. The dimensions are 80×120 cm and the thickness is 3mm.

    Photo backing boards

    Photo backing boards of different dimensions are used as a support for smaller pictures or photographs, and simultaneously seal them on the back side.

    We have the following dimensions of photo backing boards in stock:


    Fine material

    In our selection you can find:

    1. Hanging hooks of different shapes:
      • triangular hanging hooks (width: 8mm – reference 0, 10mm – 1, 12mm – 2, 14mm – 3) and
      • serrated hanging hooks (nickel – d = 30mm, brass – d = 56mm, metal – d = 58mm).
    2. Nails of different shapes and lengths, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm for fixing hanging hooks.
    3. Brown self-adhesive tape, 25 or 50mm wide.
    4. F18 nails and F15 slats for manual and pneumatic pistols of the same type F18 nails and F15 tiles are always in stock!
    5. APA corrective pastes for correcting frame joints.
    6. Stretch foil, 125mm wide.
    7. Blitz nails for fixing frames to the wall.
    8. ALU mounting plates for simply fixing oil paintings into a frame.
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