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External Venetian blinds

External Venetian blinds protect the windows from external influences and direct light in order to shade the room while preventing the heating of glass surfaces which contributes to a more pleasant living climate. They give your home a modern look and can be operated manually or electrically.

As a standard option, they are available in various shades and can be custom-made according to all shades of the RAL color chart. Shading with external Venetian blinds can be complemented with insect screens in order to prevent insects from entering through the windows when the blinds are lifted.

External Venetian blinds, surface-mounted

External Venetian blinds, concealed

External Venetian blinds, concealed

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are extremely energy-efficient blinds since they reduce heat losses, prevent the rooms from overheating and enable the maximum degree of shading in a room. They perfectly protect all window types from environmental influences and against burglary. The roller shutters can be operated manually or with an electric motor.

A broad color palette allows you to coordinate them with wooden windows, as well as with PVC or ALU windows and doors. Shading with roller shutters can be complemented with insect screens in order to prevent insects from entering through the windows when the roller shutters are lifted, or with roller blinds which can either be installed into the roller shutter or used separately.

Built-on roller shutters

Concealed roller shutters

Surface-mounted roller shutters with a round-shaped box

Insect screens

When choosing your blinds, you can also choose from a wide range of insect screens which will protect your living spaces from various insects. MIK’s offer allows you to upgrade your window elements, sliding walls and balcony doors using fixed, roll-up or pleated insect screens which are characterized by robust frames and differently woven meshes allowing different degrees of light permeability.

Fixed insect screens

Roll-up insect screens (horizontal or vertical)

Pleated insect screens

Shutters and other accessories

You can choose from high-quality shutters made of aluminum or wood. They are easy to use and maintain, and you can choose from numerous shades from the RAL color chart; furthermore, they protect your home against weathering and environmental effects and are suitable for all window types. Using shutters, your home can be shaded and ventilated at the same time.

Brise soleil blinds are used as a fixed facade element. They are the perfect solution for shading large glass surfaces where the facade needs to be ventilated while at the same time protecting it against wind, rain and snow. Standard options are available in silver and white, while other colors are available at request.

External roller blinds are suitable both for shading and a maximum blackout of rooms which depends on the canvas. The canvases used can be ordinary semi-transparent canvases, screen canvases or blackout canvases. They are available in a variety of colors, so you can customize them to perfectly match the look of your windows. The rollers can be operated manually or electrically through switches or remote controls.


ALU shutters

Brise soleil blinds

External roller blinds

The team came a few minutes before the agreed time and carried out its work quickly and correctly. After they left, the work site was clean and tidy. We only had to wipe away the dust. Very commendable work.

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This was a wonderful team. If and when I deal with MIK again, I would like to see the same team of installers.

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Everything went as I expected, so I am now recommending MIK products to all my friends who are thinking about renovating their homes.

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