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MIK team

Behind every window, blind, conservatory, front door or just a handle; behind every single ventilated facade and every MIKrovent ventilation system installed is a team of over 200 employees of MIK Celje, who are joined by 100 contractual workers and who create new ideas for you in various MIK departments. Get to know more about them:


Franci Pliberšek

Franci Pliberšek

Owner and CEO

e: franci.plibersek(at)mik-ce.si
Business contact at: Linkedin

Personal website: franciplibersek.si
Book “Almighty in the Mirror”: vsemogocni.si

Adrijana Pliberšek Jeram

Head of MIK Frames

e: adrijana.plibersek(at)mik-ce.si
Website: Frames

Branka Viltužnik

Director of MIKrovent and
the Institute dr. Peter Novak

Alen Pliberšek

Director of MIK engineering

Legal and HR department

Špela Erlač

Head of legal and HR department

Managers of the Technical Sector

Andrej Planko

Head of the Technology and Work Preparation Department

Robert Eisenhut

Head of the Installation Department

Alen Kos

Head of the Repair Service and Measurements Department

Boštjan Leskošek

Head of Manufacturing

Gregor Ribič

Head of the PVC Builders’ Joinery Manufacturing

Financial sector

Valerija Turnšek

Director of accounting and finance


Tomaž Tomažič

Retail Manager

Karmen Petrej

Assistant Director of Retail and Head of In-House Fairs

Damjan Rau

Manager B2C and Manager of fairs

Regional Heads of MIK Retail Network

Tomaž Brisko

Head of Sales for the Primorje and coastal region, Head of the Nova Gorica Showroom

Anja Zemljak

Sales manager for the Celje region

MIK Frames

Katja Novačan - MIK Celje

Katja Novačan

Assistant to the Head of MIK Frames

About the company > MIK team